Vineyard Maintenance

Professional rock drilling in the Barossa Valley

Removing the problem

Don’t let inhospitable ground conditions spoil your vision. If you have a grand plan and rocks are causing you problems, give us a call today. 

Our professional and highly skilled rock drilling services are proving immensely popular with customers who, until now, have just put up with frustrating problems such as a rocky landscape. 

We use a top-quality front-mounted rotary percussion rock drill that is powered by a large high-pressure air compressor and can drill through any rock you can throw at us!

It is a small unit that is easily transported to any location and can help solve your rock problems no matter where or what your project is, large or small.

Let our specialist operators deliver a cost-effective solution to your rock problems by giving us a call to discuss your specific rock drilling requirements today.

Rock drilling services

Our rock drilling services make it a whole lot easier to create the vineyard of your dreams. The rock drill enables easier installation of:

  • Pruning vines – 2 bud spur pruning, rod ad spur pruning 
  • Retro pruning – removal of dead arms, selective new canes, spur positioning 
  • Summer pruning – remove of succers 
  • Bunch thinning – removal and selecting bunches 
  • Hand picking – picking, bucket carriers, porta loos and minor
    transport if required. 
  • Vince training – install vine guards, string up vines to cordon wires, prune
    and cane selecting 
  • Vine planting – dry or water jet planting (we can plant; root stock vines,
    potted vines and callis cuttings)
  • Running wires – cordon, foliage, or dripper wires 
  • Clipping, stapelig and tentioning of wires 
  • Running dripper tube – 2x rows at a time 
  • Clipping, tees and taps – installation for irrigation 
  • Tye back installation – any configuration 
  • Trimming vines – for planting  Planting vines – dry or water jet planting
We can install the following; eco trellis, ocloc steel posts, plastic posts, any trellis that you require.

Managing vineyard services

If you already have a fully functioning vineyard, we offer a range of winery services to ensure that it is efficiently managed to maximise yields at harvest time. 

Our experienced labour force can assist you with all areas of maintenance and management including:
  • Vine planting 
  • Vine training 
  • Pruning 
  • Grape picking 
  • Weed control 
  • Fencing
 A member of our friendly team will carry out an on-site inspection to assess your needs, requirements, and the scale of the work, and we offer free quotes as standard to all of our clients.

Contact the friendly team at Linke Vineyard Services today on 08 8562 4299 to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

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